Sunday, December 20, 2015

Skull academy

Hey you should watch this monster high doll (MHD) on YouTube. It's called:Skull Academy it's a drama show. She doesn't rate it but I'd say it's for kids ages 10 and up. But it's really up to u and ur parents. To find this show go on or use the YouTube app if u have it (if u want to use it just go to the Apple Store and look up YouTube it's FREE). Next look up GingerLola YouTube Channel or Look up SKull academy. ( The easiest way to watch ALL of season 1 is to press on a playlist she made called Skull Academy S1 okay. That's it so get some popcorn and turn on YouTube. Also there is a SUPRISE I have for my blog.
Skull Academy:

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Club Penguin

I'm back on club penguin. I had a paid membership but I stopped using it tots waste of money haha lol. Well anyway I'm back yeah!!! And I saw the new descendants clothes on there. Take a look. They have all the characters. I realized my fav is evie. And if you haven't seen the movie descendants and the wicked world shorts on Disney channel. And get the descants mobile game. And I finally found my friend on club penguin it took me 2 days but I finally friended her yeah!!  Also I just got a puffle today he's red I named him Flame. He's so adorable.

Cheeky chocolate

I have a stuffed animal version of cheeky chocolate a shopkin. 

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Stuffed animals

  Look at the stuffed animal isn't she cute. She has cheetah print fur I love cheetah print. Her name is Tasha I really want her but I was saving money for the monster high doll . I have enough money to get the doll now. One of my friends has Tasha and many more. She has so many of these stuffed animals it's CRAZY. I have a lot but she has even more I think I should call her the stuffed animal collecter. Also the stuffed animal in the pic under Tasha is Halo. Which is the name of my old dog . I like her. My moms friend/my neighbor gave her to me. I love her. I think I'm gonna give her a cute outfit. 

Saturday, October 31, 2015


I got some new Shopkins today yeah!!!!
There names are patty cake, Flappy cap, radio sue,blow-Anne.
They look so cute. And did you hear about the shopies they look just like anime, lalalopsy, and ever after high especially Popette she looks just like apple white. Watch: shoppies vid mommy &. Gracie show-shoppies doll review
Did you know there are Shopkins we visors on YouTube?

The Shopkins pic is below.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Fairy adventures

Check out the plots to my doll movie series. Fairy adventures a what's the Happs original series. Fairy adventures1: the rebellion. One day in the fairy world Olivia saw Tianna in a horrible outfit and once Olivia was a fairy who could easily get and make a good outfit so she got her a new outfit. She went to her friend Ashyllens store (ve va la Kay) and got a magazine. Then Olivia's other friend Twyla walked in and asked to get her purse. Olivia gave it to her she didn't see a phone. Rumors were told that she was evil. Twyla gave her her purse back and asked to talk to Ashyllen alone. Twyla used a spell to make her fall asleep then she kidnapped Ashyllen. Then she got the other Girls. Before she kidnapped them she got a necklace from the human world she used it against them. Tina got stroke with bad Magic by Twyla she went to the hospital they didn't have a heeling fairy so Ashyllen healed her and was able to go to medical school later if she wanted. They defeat Twyla she goes to jail.'oliva and Dracula take over the store. Song: shop till you drop:by me.  Fairy adventures 2: a new villan is in what's the Happs and what's up with that.  Oliva is back and she now owns ve va la Kay with draculaura. She visit Ashyllen while she is working in the hospital. They find out Olivia and Cleo got texts from someone named -T threatening to hurt  them they think it's on person but it's someone else a ghost controlling her body. Song; I'm use to being evil by:me. 3: a new villan in town part 2: secrets revealed. Spectra learns some family secrets that break her heart. Song: torchered soul by: Makayla. Fairy adventure 3: Fairy princess of the island. By: what's the Happs and what's up with that. The girls go to Hawaii and they meet Rochyelle he tour guide and flora who is secretly Venus the island princess the evil princess kidnaps them and puts Cleo and Rochelle In a diffrent place Venus and catty sing a good song cause the evil princess is a siren too. That's right they have a song battle. Song: I'm the island princess by: me. Fairy adventure 4: a whole new world 
The girls travel to the human world and see thier human friends friosa and Sydney and explore new thing along thier travels.they also have to go to school. Fairy Adventure 5: hawoleen. The fairies spend Halloween in a scary town with only 30 fairies in it. They meet a scary farmer. Fairy adventure 6: the semi formal. The fairies have to go to school now the semi formal is coming up oliva wants ken to take her but he's dating Tianna. Fairy adventure 6: to never land they must go. The fairies go to never land because Captain Hook aka Twyla's dad gets really hurt by Peter Pan cause Peter Pan accidentally shot him with a canon so hard his whole body is broken. All the girls except Twyla are scared of never land so they say for her to go alone then tinker bell comes and changes their minds. Song: be brave
Fairy adventure 7: the rainbow fairies
All the girls find out their real parents and that they are still fairies just different types of fairies by reading the book of legends. All the other girls parents are dead execpt Olivas. They meet her and they learn that they all can't control their new powers when they get mad so Olivia who is now crystal accidentally freezes vandal (Sophie) and finds the cure to unfreeze someone it's love and respect.Cleo- Caitlin the ice bear fairy 
Spectra- Sophia the snow swan fairy 
Catty/Gabby- Adele the voice fairy
Tianna- Bella the bunny fairy 
Vandala- Sophie the sapphire fairy
Olivia- crystal the snow fairy
Ashyllen- healing fairy Helena 

Friday, August 21, 2015


I got the new Yasmin Bratz doll she's awesome I love her style. Bratz has webisodes and website and a YouTube channel. My favorite webisode is cupcake crush check it out here:

Thursday, August 20, 2015

New ever after high episodes

Season 3 of ever after high is now on Netflix ya!! I haven't watched it yet but I am today. Ever after high is a good show so if you haven't watched it yet you should watch it. 

MY GOSSIP SHOW/celeb lives on youtube/ the monster high doll awards

hey. i do this gossip show called whats the happs its just for me and my friends almost alll my friends are memebers of it. The show celeb lives is a whats the happs orginal tv series. you will NOT be able to see my gossip show but you can see my celeb lives show it stars
Yasmin- as Yasmin
Lagoona Blue- as Lagoona
Sasha- as Sasha
Barbie roberts- as Barbie
Yasmin is the mean one in the group she is also the leader. Yasmin is a famous singer she sings covers. Lagoona is also a singer she sometimes does covers but usually sings her own songs like shop till you drop(dont let anyone tell you diffrent).
Watch the monster high doll awards all the girls from the show will be there. celeb lives and the monster doll awards are coming out soon. Here are the award winners: Monster high doll awards 2015  
Best celeb to wear pink :Sasha 
Best looking/best dressed monster high ghoul: Spectra
Best celeb to rock the boho  look/best looking bratz doll : Yasmin 2.0 
Best actress: Lagoona
Best singer/ best dressed singer: Catty Noir
Best YouTube show: the Darbie show
Best NEW webisode series: bratz 
Best webisode series: monster high 
Best YouTube singer: Christina Grimmie 
Best old Disney show: Hannah Montanna 
Best new Disney show: K.C undercover
Best song to rock out to with your bff: shop till you drop ( don't let anyone tell you diffrent ) by lagoona.
Best Celeb IG queen: Yasmin
The best movie series with girl power:Bratz 
Best old show on Netflix: Gilmore girls
Best new show on Netflix: Project Mc 2 
Best fashion TV show: MHNTFD
Best fashion store: ve va la Kay
Best toy store: Kay's R' us 
Best nail polish: O.P.I. Gelcolor
Best seamstress: Frankie 
That all the awards for this year. 
Sponsors: Kay's r us, ve va la Kay, the harvest grille and what's the happs

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Boo York boobyork

Today I went to bam to meet a friend and I saw the boo boo York boo York monster high magazine. In it was one of my friends fav character mousdceus king and much more like fashion tips and clothes and a comic book about the movie boo York boo York. Check it out.

Doll toy store

Yesterday me and my best friend made awesome doll toy stores I collected some small toys that I wasn't using anymore and put them in a painted cardboard box and now I have my own doll toy store. I made Pokemon toys out of cardboard you can make them too. Here is my doll toy store. My doll store is called Kay's r us and my bffs name is mays r us

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Fashion Angels

My bday was a few days ago ya now I'm 11 so someone gave me a fashion Angels fashion sketch book I saw the last page and it said they have a website you can make an account on there and there is a quiz to see your style just press quiz. Here is the website

Scaris city of frights

This is a new monster high movie it's on Netflix. Watch it it's awesome. It's about Clawdeen and her friends going to Scaris and having a fashion show to tell everyone fashion is about creativity. 

Freak du chic

I'm at the bookstore and I just found out that the freak du chic magazine is out. I didn't get it yet. I saw the fashions and here they are: dress river island $37.00,

Cute sunglasses accessorize $15.00, skirt river island $28.00, tassel bag, miss self ridge $25.00, shoes miss selfridge $27.00, lace top river island $15.00, shorts top shop$25.00, scarf miss selfridge $9.00, fedora hat miss selfridge $15.00, necklace top shop $12.00, clutch purse accessorize $15.00, jacket top shop $35.00, sandals miss selfridge $25.00,dress miss selfridge $25.00,and a braclet accessorize $8.00. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Scaris city of frights

This is a new monster high movie it's on Netflix. Watch it it's awesome. It's about Clawdeen and her friends going to Scaris and having a fashion show to tell everyone fashion is about creativity. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Back to ghoul fashion

This is some clothes that you can buy they tell u about on the back to ghoul fashion page. Tshirt Forever 21 $3.80
Printed fabric bag H&M $5.85
Gemstone key pendant Forever 21 $7.80 
Smocked Floral Skirt Forever 21 $13.80
Silver ballerina shoes New Look $19.00
Aztec print backpack Claire's $28.00 ( I love Claire's.) Tshirt Forever 21 $10.80 
Cuff bracket Claire's $6.00
Sweatshirt skirt H&M $8.95 
Sparkly jersey leggings H&M )12.95 
Sparkly sneakers H&M $17.95
Skinny jeans Forever 21 $12.80
Ruffled floral shirt Forever 21 $17.95
Satchel New Look $47.62
And Jury caged T bar flats New Look $39,28 
In for the school year Scary cute skirts in creeperiffic prints and patterns. Swapping summer howliday stories with your ghouls (girls). Clawsome Mary Jane shoes- they rock with skirts leggings and jeans. Out- Chipped nail paint- get your talons back to school ready. Unhealthy lunches check out the salad bar at your creepateria and treat your body to a healthy snack. Flip flops they may be killer cute on the beach but you'll need to keep your toes toasty this fall. I like to plan what I'm going to wear later on. Mabye you do to this will help you plan what you wear next school year. These are the exact words from the monster high magazine. 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Agent Alice Game for iphone and ipad - Fathers day soon

hi. i wanted to tell you guys about this game called agent alice it is a game were you solve mysterys the first one is about a kidnapping. ( NOT ALL PEOPLE WILL LIKE IT. SOME KIDS MAY BE SCARED WHILE PLAYING THIS GAME THANKYOU.) You have too find clues and solve they mysteries. Im gonna make a video of me playing it. Also if you found out about my gaming channel and have been wondering why i havent made a vid or made a blogpost its cause i was busy but dont worry im blogging now and i made a disney infinity 2.0 vid that ill put on youtube. Also remember its almost Father's Day. You should make a card or buy one or get/make a gift. Be inspired to make gifts or find what you think he's gonna love like i did i gave my dad 25 trees planted in his name thats cool and creative. CLICK ON THESE LINKS BELOW.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Fashion videos

I have an idea to make YouTube vids to show you how to draw fashion designs because I'm learning some things from fashion design class and I want to share them with you

Summer Fashion

It's almost summer. Which means it's almost time to...... Wear brighter colors like pink and yellow. Mabye a butterfly shirt or something else cool. This summer I'm going to summer camp so during the day I won't be able to blog. But when I go home in the evening i will defentily make some blogs. 

My dolls hair

This is a hairstyle I made for my doll. It's very easy to make. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Which monster high character has the same style as you-quiz

Hi. This is a quiz to see which monster high character has the same fashion style as you. Mabye you and Frankie wear similar clothes. Mabye you like Draculauras style the best. Frankie: Frankie likes to wear a outfit that kinda looks like a school uniform except a good looking school uniform. That's a school uniform that I might wear and I hate school uniforms. Draculaura: Draculaura usually wears pink and black and an umbrella to protect her from the sun (cause she's a vampire). Clawdeen: She usally wers purple gold and sometimes black. I like her necklace I wish I had it. Lagoona: she likes wearing blue and pink. I love the pink flower in her hair it totally pulls off the look. And ghoulia: wears red and white glasses. I lover her glasses. And last but not least  Cleo denile: she likes wearing gold and turquoise and her bandages.  Comment and tell me who's style looks better and is more your style. Bye

Summer Fashion

It's almost summer. Which means it's almost time to...... Wear brighter colors like pink and yellow. Mabye a butterfly shirt or something else cool. This summer I'm going to summer camp so during the day I won't be able to blog. But when I go home in the evening i will defentily make some blogs. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Runway life

Play this game called runway life it is a Great fashion game. These are my fashion models.

Aspen Heights

If you are JUST seeng this post I'm sorry I watched more of the show and this 1 and ALL the other ones the girl who made aspen heights made ARE SCARY. This is a NEW update of this  1 of my blogs. I REPEAT HER SHOWS ARE SCARY AND NOT APPROIATE PLEASE DON'T WATCH HER SHOWS .. I'M DEACTAVITNG THE LINK. I'M SO SO SO SORRY TO  ANYONE WHO HAS WATCHED THIS OR ANYONE OF HER OTHER SHOWS AND GOT SCARED THANK YOU.

Fashion Design Class

Last saturday I went to a fashion design class it was AWESOME. I got to met a girl who draws for disney and nick and who also does alot of fahion design. I even made some new friends it was cool.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

minecraft vid

this is a minecraft vid on KaysGaming called how to use an enchantment table.

some new videos on KaysGaming

Hi. I wanted to tell you i have some new videos on KaysGaming they are all ROBLOX videos.  I hope you like them. here are some links to the videos. vid#1:
vid #2:
vid # 3:
vid # 4

Thursday, April 30, 2015

My New YouTube Video [ROBLOX] Wipeout

watch my NEW youtube video its a roblox video. if you dont know what roblox is roblox is an online game where you can make your own worlds which people can see and vist someone elses world. you sign up and have a profile EVERYONE  can see. you can have chats with your friends over the internet but thats probaly NOT  safe but its an option IF YOUR PARENTS ALLOW YOU. roblox is for mac and regular windows computers its not for chromebook trust me i tried. link to video:

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Hey. I just wanted to tell you I'm going to Disney World in 2 days Ya so excited!!!! I will be making a couple of vlogs in Disney  World it will be amazing. I can't wait to meet Mickey and Minnie again. :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


I have two youtube channels one is creative kennedy (the 1 i sing on) and KaysGaming (my channel for gaming). KaysGaming:
This is a video of Casta Fierce Singing 

''Witching Hour'' (a song she made)

Monster High Poster

Beauty is all around 

My Fashion Models

These are some   models  I made on a fashion game. I love this fashion game it was awesome hope you guys like it too.

Monster High

You should watch monster high movies if you haven't they are awesome. There is also a monster high website. Monster High Website: Monster High is a school of monsters all the students are awesome like Spectra my favorite character. The movie Haunted is my favorite monster high movie.

Some of my doll outfits

Did you know that you can make  doll outfits for your dolls you can use all types of fabric you don't even have to sew? You can also customize already made doll accessories and outfits.Here are some doll outfits and a purse I had already made that I put duct tape on to customize.

Welcome to My Blog!!!

Hi. This is my blog. This blog is for girls who like fashion, dolls, crafts, gaming and awesomeness. I hope you like it. Sign up for emails or check back often!!!