Sunday, March 13, 2016

Zayn's Pillowtalk lyrics decoded w/

Hey its Creative Kennedy telling u about celeb gossip. so just a few days ago I started listening to Zayn's new song pillowtalk. It's AWESOME!!! IF U HAVEN"T LISTENED TO IT YET U HAVE TO! LOL :). anyway I told my friend selah and my friend ellie about zayn's new song and how I think it's about Perrie Edwards.

Zayn Malik may cover his girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, with kisses in the sexy video for ‘Pillowtalk,’ but is the former One Direction singer’s new single really about his former fiancĂ©e, Perrie Edwards? Zayn admitted that he wrote the hot track while he and Perrie were still engaged! ( Don't watch zayns pillowtalk music video it's INNAPORIATE!!!)

Zayn Malik’s new song, “Pillow Talk,” is really, really hot. No wonder the 23-year-old singer andGigi Hadid, 20, started making out during the track’s music video. But was Zayn kissing Gigi to a tune he actually wrote about his ex, Perrie Edwards, 20? -
gigi halid's insta:
I know right you would never think it would be about Perrie. My friend selah was like what and I was like IK right. And my friend ellie was like NO WAY!! Also I gave you Perrie and Zayn and Gigi's insta so you can find some gossip yourself. Also did u know Zayn smokes I saw the instagram comments on him smoking IK you zayn fans don't like it but don't be rude. Also did you know zayn smoked in a NON-SMOKING AREA!!! When I told selah she said '' THAT BOY!'' I quote.  Its cray cray. Thats the celeb gossip today thanks for reading bye!
Have a nice sunday everybody!