Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas-2016/2016 movies

Hey everyone It's CreativeKennedy here. Just wanted to say hey and tell you a new videos out called What I got for Christmas-2016:

Also just wanted to say I just saw the movies La La Land and Passengers. They were amazing. I also loved Suicide Squad and Fantastic Beasts- and I think the Monster High orgin story came out this year. This year (2016) is a great year for entertainment. There also have been great new songs this year like I don't wanna live forever- zayn  and taylor swift and Closer- The Chainsmokers (ft.Halsey).

Thanks for reading my post(s).

Have a great Holiday time and an AMAZING new year!!! :)

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Pretty Little Liars Game

Hey guys. Did you know that theres a PLL game. Its on an app called Episode.
 Episode is an app where you get to pretend to be a character in your favorite tv show. I played the game and its really fun. I think you should play it too. It's just like the show.

Thats all for today guys. Bye and have a great day.

P.s. I made a new cover. It's a cover of Ariana Grande's song Focus:

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Gilmore Girls: A year in the life

Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life

Gilmore Girls made a revival on Netflix. If you haven’t watched it you have to go see it. NOW!!!!

The Creator of Gilmore girls Amy Pallidino lost creative control the last season (season 7). So we never got to hear the last four words of gilmore girls that Amy wanted us to hear until now. The last 4 words are…
Rory: Mom.
Lorelai: Yeah.
Rory: I’m pregnat.

When I heard the last 4 words I almost died!!! I was like OMG it must have been Logan. And if it is Logan that means Rory’s life will be just like Lorelais and repeat itself. Thats why Rory talked to Christopher about how he felt about not being in her life. The whole time in the original Gilmore Girls they talked about how history repeats itself. In the FIRST episode  Lorelai said well, you are me. It all makes sense. I want there to be A gilmore girls spin off but it probability wont happen I'm just happy they made a revival though. 

Check out my gilmore girls revival video: