Saturday, June 20, 2015

Agent Alice Game for iphone and ipad - Fathers day soon

hi. i wanted to tell you guys about this game called agent alice it is a game were you solve mysterys the first one is about a kidnapping. ( NOT ALL PEOPLE WILL LIKE IT. SOME KIDS MAY BE SCARED WHILE PLAYING THIS GAME THANKYOU.) You have too find clues and solve they mysteries. Im gonna make a video of me playing it. Also if you found out about my gaming channel and have been wondering why i havent made a vid or made a blogpost its cause i was busy but dont worry im blogging now and i made a disney infinity 2.0 vid that ill put on youtube. Also remember its almost Father's Day. You should make a card or buy one or get/make a gift. Be inspired to make gifts or find what you think he's gonna love like i did i gave my dad 25 trees planted in his name thats cool and creative. CLICK ON THESE LINKS BELOW.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Fashion videos

I have an idea to make YouTube vids to show you how to draw fashion designs because I'm learning some things from fashion design class and I want to share them with you

Summer Fashion

It's almost summer. Which means it's almost time to...... Wear brighter colors like pink and yellow. Mabye a butterfly shirt or something else cool. This summer I'm going to summer camp so during the day I won't be able to blog. But when I go home in the evening i will defentily make some blogs. 

My dolls hair

This is a hairstyle I made for my doll. It's very easy to make.