Friday, August 28, 2015

Fairy adventures

Check out the plots to my doll movie series. Fairy adventures a what's the Happs original series. Fairy adventures1: the rebellion. One day in the fairy world Olivia saw Tianna in a horrible outfit and once Olivia was a fairy who could easily get and make a good outfit so she got her a new outfit. She went to her friend Ashyllens store (ve va la Kay) and got a magazine. Then Olivia's other friend Twyla walked in and asked to get her purse. Olivia gave it to her she didn't see a phone. Rumors were told that she was evil. Twyla gave her her purse back and asked to talk to Ashyllen alone. Twyla used a spell to make her fall asleep then she kidnapped Ashyllen. Then she got the other Girls. Before she kidnapped them she got a necklace from the human world she used it against them. Tina got stroke with bad Magic by Twyla she went to the hospital they didn't have a heeling fairy so Ashyllen healed her and was able to go to medical school later if she wanted. They defeat Twyla she goes to jail.'oliva and Dracula take over the store. Song: shop till you drop:by me.  Fairy adventures 2: a new villan is in what's the Happs and what's up with that.  Oliva is back and she now owns ve va la Kay with draculaura. She visit Ashyllen while she is working in the hospital. They find out Olivia and Cleo got texts from someone named -T threatening to hurt  them they think it's on person but it's someone else a ghost controlling her body. Song; I'm use to being evil by:me. 3: a new villan in town part 2: secrets revealed. Spectra learns some family secrets that break her heart. Song: torchered soul by: Makayla. Fairy adventure 3: Fairy princess of the island. By: what's the Happs and what's up with that. The girls go to Hawaii and they meet Rochyelle he tour guide and flora who is secretly Venus the island princess the evil princess kidnaps them and puts Cleo and Rochelle In a diffrent place Venus and catty sing a good song cause the evil princess is a siren too. That's right they have a song battle. Song: I'm the island princess by: me. Fairy adventure 4: a whole new world 
The girls travel to the human world and see thier human friends friosa and Sydney and explore new thing along thier travels.they also have to go to school. Fairy Adventure 5: hawoleen. The fairies spend Halloween in a scary town with only 30 fairies in it. They meet a scary farmer. Fairy adventure 6: the semi formal. The fairies have to go to school now the semi formal is coming up oliva wants ken to take her but he's dating Tianna. Fairy adventure 6: to never land they must go. The fairies go to never land because Captain Hook aka Twyla's dad gets really hurt by Peter Pan cause Peter Pan accidentally shot him with a canon so hard his whole body is broken. All the girls except Twyla are scared of never land so they say for her to go alone then tinker bell comes and changes their minds. Song: be brave
Fairy adventure 7: the rainbow fairies
All the girls find out their real parents and that they are still fairies just different types of fairies by reading the book of legends. All the other girls parents are dead execpt Olivas. They meet her and they learn that they all can't control their new powers when they get mad so Olivia who is now crystal accidentally freezes vandal (Sophie) and finds the cure to unfreeze someone it's love and respect.Cleo- Caitlin the ice bear fairy 
Spectra- Sophia the snow swan fairy 
Catty/Gabby- Adele the voice fairy
Tianna- Bella the bunny fairy 
Vandala- Sophie the sapphire fairy
Olivia- crystal the snow fairy
Ashyllen- healing fairy Helena 

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