Thursday, August 20, 2015

MY GOSSIP SHOW/celeb lives on youtube/ the monster high doll awards

hey. i do this gossip show called whats the happs its just for me and my friends almost alll my friends are memebers of it. The show celeb lives is a whats the happs orginal tv series. you will NOT be able to see my gossip show but you can see my celeb lives show it stars
Yasmin- as Yasmin
Lagoona Blue- as Lagoona
Sasha- as Sasha
Barbie roberts- as Barbie
Yasmin is the mean one in the group she is also the leader. Yasmin is a famous singer she sings covers. Lagoona is also a singer she sometimes does covers but usually sings her own songs like shop till you drop(dont let anyone tell you diffrent).
Watch the monster high doll awards all the girls from the show will be there. celeb lives and the monster doll awards are coming out soon. Here are the award winners: Monster high doll awards 2015  
Best celeb to wear pink :Sasha 
Best looking/best dressed monster high ghoul: Spectra
Best celeb to rock the boho  look/best looking bratz doll : Yasmin 2.0 
Best actress: Lagoona
Best singer/ best dressed singer: Catty Noir
Best YouTube show: the Darbie show
Best NEW webisode series: bratz 
Best webisode series: monster high 
Best YouTube singer: Christina Grimmie 
Best old Disney show: Hannah Montanna 
Best new Disney show: K.C undercover
Best song to rock out to with your bff: shop till you drop ( don't let anyone tell you diffrent ) by lagoona.
Best Celeb IG queen: Yasmin
The best movie series with girl power:Bratz 
Best old show on Netflix: Gilmore girls
Best new show on Netflix: Project Mc 2 
Best fashion TV show: MHNTFD
Best fashion store: ve va la Kay
Best toy store: Kay's R' us 
Best nail polish: O.P.I. Gelcolor
Best seamstress: Frankie 
That all the awards for this year. 
Sponsors: Kay's r us, ve va la Kay, the harvest grille and what's the happs

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