Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Back to ghoul fashion

This is some clothes that you can buy they tell u about on the back to ghoul fashion page. Tshirt Forever 21 $3.80
Printed fabric bag H&M $5.85
Gemstone key pendant Forever 21 $7.80 
Smocked Floral Skirt Forever 21 $13.80
Silver ballerina shoes New Look $19.00
Aztec print backpack Claire's $28.00 ( I love Claire's.) Tshirt Forever 21 $10.80 
Cuff bracket Claire's $6.00
Sweatshirt skirt H&M $8.95 
Sparkly jersey leggings H&M )12.95 
Sparkly sneakers H&M $17.95
Skinny jeans Forever 21 $12.80
Ruffled floral shirt Forever 21 $17.95
Satchel New Look $47.62
And Jury caged T bar flats New Look $39,28 
In for the school year Scary cute skirts in creeperiffic prints and patterns. Swapping summer howliday stories with your ghouls (girls). Clawsome Mary Jane shoes- they rock with skirts leggings and jeans. Out- Chipped nail paint- get your talons back to school ready. Unhealthy lunches check out the salad bar at your creepateria and treat your body to a healthy snack. Flip flops they may be killer cute on the beach but you'll need to keep your toes toasty this fall. I like to plan what I'm going to wear later on. Mabye you do to this will help you plan what you wear next school year. These are the exact words from the monster high magazine. 

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