Tuesday, June 21, 2016

About PLL Season 6: The Whole Mary Drake Thing

 Warning I made a TON OF TYPOS. I typed Mrs. Dilaurentus wrong multpile times(including just now).

First of all I want to say that when i heard about this Mary Drake stuff I thought it was INSANE! And I guess cece’s last name really was drake. Also rollin was lying like i thought.. that jerk. Anyway so the whole thing is weird. If you don’t know what happended heres what happened. We found out charletotte was ali’s cousin and not her sister. We found out that a girl named mary drake went to radley when it use to be a sanitarum. And while in Radley she had a baby named charles.
So Elliot ali’s husband (aka charlottes’s former doctor) turned out to be helping Mary Drake because he was charlottes boyfriend.  I was like OMG wat. But it’s true. Remember in Season 6 episode 19 ‘’Did You Miss Me’’ when ali fell off the stairs well rollin was there. And he didn’t seem suprised all he said was ali. And he didn’t seem suprised or scared. Or atleast not as scared as you should be when your wife literally falls of the stairs. When ali was in the hospital and ali was telling him about how she thought her falling was not an accident and that she was scared. And he basically just told her it was just an accident.
Here are some clues Marlene King couldve given us to lead us to it being mary drake. I was still confused when I found out it was her but i relazied they were a few clues.

  1. On one of charlottes home videos they were at her birthday party when she was a kid ( she was still a boy back then) and ali found the video and said hey I remember that day mom said we were skipping school to go to some cousins birthday. Well we thought that Mrs.Dilarentus was lieing but it turned out it was the truth.
  2. At one point there was a rumor that Mrs.Dilatrunis had a twin sister. I didn’t really think it was true. But it turned out to be correct. Mary Drake is Mrs.Dilaturnis’s twin sis. 
  3. This may not be a clue but. Even when we didn’t know who a was we knew he/she always had alot of money and materials. I’m not sure about you but I  was always wondering who was giving her the money and materials. But it makes sense once no one knew Mary Drake she could give cece the money. They could meet up in places like resturants like the 2 crows once no one knew Mary Drake she could hide in plain sight. And she could pretend to be Mrs.Dilrauntis. Plus remember when the new a said I dont lurk in the shadows I hide in plain sight. If Mary drake prentends to be Mrs.Dilarutens she can hide in plain sight.. In places were people didn’t know Mrs. Dileartunus like the 2 crow diner. I know this is a long blog but I hoped you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading goodbye.

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