Sunday, January 10, 2016

Happy New Year 2016/Celeb Gossip/ My nail polish

Hey so yeah it's the new year sorry I don't blog that much anymore i'm just busy ya know so yeah. But happy new year. Hope your year so far is good. So i'm going to start talking about celebrity gossip I know when I started the blog I said I would. And I'm sorry for not starting it sooner but I was working on my newest youtube channel and other parts if this blog. I think i'm gonna make another post today talking about Jelena (aka Selena Gomez+Justin Bieber=Jelena) incase you didn't know.
Oh also today I did my nails I also did my nails on Dec.19th 2015.
Nails on Dec.20th 2015: 
(Today) Jan. 10th 2016:

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